Trip Buddy - Shanghai Travel Guide

Why Shanghai Trip Buddy?

It provides handy information in English and Chinese (w/ Mandarin Pinyin)

With it, you have:

• Shorted-listed >1000 city pointers, covering Hotel, Hotspot, Locator, Commercial Building, and Sight-seeing.

• Short-listed >5000 restaurants, well categorized into >60 cuisine groups

• Taxi Card with target location info.

With it, you can:

• SMS location info. to your friends → help you inform your friends where you are (your will never be lost with your current location info. be easily sent out by SMS for help)

• Email the location info. including the map to your local friends / business partners → help you and your friends plan the trip

Other features including: fast search, bookmark with your notes, common translation help-on, and quick direct phone-call.

Take the “Shanghai Buddy” with you and enjoy your journey in Shanghai (Shanghai sub-urban areas are also included).

Version 1.0

- iPhone / iPod Touch 3.1.2 or above

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