Shanghai Cuisine (Restaurant Dining Menu)

* Handy information of over 410 popular Shanghai Cuisine items, including Shanghai Traditional Snacks.
* Shanghai dialect pronunciations of the food names in real native voice
* No Internet access required
* Bookmark your favorite restaurants with your beloved cuisines

Version 1.0

- iPhone/iPod Touch 3.1.2 or above

“Shanghai Cuisine” is an indispensable tool for you to discover more about this popular Chinese tradition. Wherever you go, it is your pocket guide that provides you handy information of over 400 popular Shanghai Cuisine items, including Shanghai Traditional Snacks, available in most Shanghai Restaurants in the world.

Each item in “Shanghai Cuisine” comes with:
- a clear picture showing what the item looks like
- description in English telling you what it is
- its name in Chinese writing so that the local Chinese know what you are talking about
- its standard Mandarin Pinyin (pronunciation) if you want to learn how to say it properly
- information about key ingredients (especially useful for vegetarians and people with food allergy)

- Shanghai dialect pronunciations of the food names in real native voice for those are interested to learn

Items are grouped by food category, food type, and key ingredients, so you can easily find what you want to focus on. In addition, the “Order Summary” will definitely be your perfect assistant on order placing.

To help you locate items that you don't even have an exact idea what they are called, the menu provides a handy search function based on partial text matching of the food description and key ingredient type.

A bookmark feature is also included:

  • you can add items you like to “My Favorites”;
  • you can add additional items with photos you’ve captured to “My Adds On”;
  • you can even bookmark impressive restaurants you’ve visited together with the location maps to “Restaurants”;

All Information can be integrated and edited from time to time; and together with the great sharing feature, you can share bookmarked items with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Always remember to take the “Shanghai Cuisine” to go with you!

Note: The actual food ingredients and appearance may vary depending on the provider.

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