Cha Chaan Teng - Hong Kong Style Cafe

Hong Kong Style Cafe Pocket Guide (English version)

Cha Chaan Teng (Hong Kong-style Café) is a type of tea restaurant commonly found in Hong Kong, known for its eclectic and affordable menu. This type of restaurant is popular in Macau too, and can also be found in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing as well as the Chinatown of many Western countries.

Cha Chaan Teng serves a wide range of food and drinks, ranging from bread and cakes to noodles to rice plates, both fast food and à-la-carte dishes are available.

If you want to explore the food featured in Cha Chaan Teng, this pocket guide is an indispensable tool to help you to discover more about this form of Hong Kong style Western food cuisine.

Wherever you go, the Pocket Guide in your iPhone or iPod Touch provides handy information of over 100 popular drinks and snacks available in most Cha Chaan Teng in the world.

Each item in the guide comes with:
- a clear picture showing what it looks like
- description in English telling you what it is

- its name in Chinese writing so that the local Chinese know what you are talking about
- its Cantonese PinYin (pronunciation) if you want to learn how to say it properly
- information about key ingredients
- estimated energy content (Kcal/100g serving) for the health conscious minds

- Cantonese pronunciations of the food names in real native voice for those interested to learn

The items are grouped by food type, key ingredients and estimated energy content. These classifications are accessible through three tab buttons such that you can find what you want to focus on.

To help you locate items which you don't even have an exact idea what they are called, the guide provides a handy search function based on partial text matching of the food description. The search result refines itself while you enter more information (also known as incremental searching).

A bookmark feature is also included. You can add items you like to the Favorites List. Just show this list to the order-taker when placing order or use it as a reference when you prepare the order form.

Always remember to take the Hong Kong Style Cafe Pocket Guide to go with you !

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Note: The actual food ingredients and energy contents may vary depending on the provider.

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