Mirror Mirror-Handbag (Style Trend 2010 Fashion Brand Collection)

Product Description

Version 1.0

  • iPhone / iPod Touch 3.1.2 or above

Kind Reminder:

  • Running this app on iPhone 3GS will lead to its best performance;
  • iPod Touch users are unable to use the photo capture function of this app.

“Mirror Mirror – Handbag” tells you everything about most sought after handbags in the world. It’s meant for the fashionable and cool!

Nearly 100 globally renowned brands were included. It’s just like downloading a handbag encyclopedia and shopping guide to your iPhone & iPod Touch.

Handbag Encyclopedia with Brand Name Pronunciation

Once touching the magical phrase “Mirror Mirror on the wall, which is the fairest handbag of them all?” Mirror Mirror will present you the brand with:

  • Brand Name’s Pronunciation
  • Icon Products
  • Seasonal Hits
  • Brand Information
  • Founder
  • Origin
  • Creative Director

If you have any favorite brand in mind, just enter the key words eg designer or handbag’s name, Mirror Mirror will tell you more about the brand.

Mirror Mirror’s Recommendation

You may not know which handbag is most suitable for you but Mirror Mirror will definitely help. Simply pick your age, occasion and budget, Mirror Mirror will provide you a recommendation list.

From classic icon products to selected 2010 Spring/Summer seasonal hits, Mirror Mirror will tell you what suits you best!

The Personalized “My Collection” & “Dream List”

Once you get the hot tips from Mirror Mirror, you can create your “My Collection” and “Dream List”. Bookmark any beloved handbag and add to the lists, you can edit any information from time to time.

To make the perfect lists, just shoot photos of your beloved handbags and save as “My Add On”, you can then add them to your “My Collection” or “Dream List”.

Handbags Shopping Location Map

How about creating a shopping tour? Mirror Mirror will provide you a current location map where you shoot the handbag. You can add shop name, detail address and notes to any handbag captured!

Great Sharing

Don’t keep the lists to yourself, share them with your friends all over the world through Facebook, Twitter and Email!

**Note: Any prices shown are for reference only, the amount may vary in different countries

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